Perharps you require long, short, tube, plate or cylinder. Large, small, angular or ring-like.
Insulating, absorbing or otherwise clever. Grid, holes or grilles. Closed or open.
With or without a cover. Container or rim. On the ground, in the air or in the water.
Whatever it is you require, one factor is common to all needs: quality.
You have a need, we have the solution.

Sheet Metal Lab

At Air Group’s Sheet Metal Lab, our R&D department possesses expertise in the most modern machines and latest innovative technologies. The professionals of the Sheet Metal Lab have decades of know-how in the air conditioning of buildings and marine products, as well as the design and manufacture of noise control items and the most demanding sheet metal products. Virtual 3D design has been implemented by Air Group since it was established, as well as physical prototyping. Air Group carries out its work in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Sheet Metal Lab’s specialists can meet even your most challenging requirements.


Air Group carries out product development of its own to fulfil, for example, its wholesaler customers’ needs. From the very beginning of the business, one of our strengths has been the design of products, parts, series and assemblies that meet even the most challenging customer demands and needs. We design with the customer or we can offer a turnkey process – which-ever suits our customer the best. For your old devices or processes, we offer you, for example, ideas, further processing, productisation, product maintenance and suggestions for improvement. Our Sheet Metal Lab is flexible in meeting your wishes. Please feel free to contact us!


3D design has been part of the Air Group offering from the very beginning of the company’s history, and our R&D team has acquired experience of 3D planning since the technology first became available in Finland. Our know-how and software always represent the cutting edge of technology. 3D is an invaluable aid in product modelling and in verifying component compatibility. It is one of the key factors in quality, and also saves time in projects, which for customers also means cost-effectiveness.


Air Group’s R&D department carries out prototyping of its own and its customers’ images. This allows products with special properties to be tested before final manufacture. In prototypes, we can take into account the views of architects, such as special materials, tones or shapes. If necessary, Air Group can perform technical sound and flow measurements for prototypes, in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

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We manufacture sheet metal products with the strengths of up to 20 mm, using our new, fast, and cost-efficient lasers for industries such as machine building, the electrical industry, air conditioning, shipbuilding and the food industry. We also have a plasma cutter and plate work centres to serve our customers. We carry out both individual product manufacturing and contract manufacturing of thousands of items. The materials we use are stainless and acid resistant. Their stock strengths are 0.5 to 10 mm and material strengths 0.5 to 20 mm. Product design and development as well as manufacturing are backed by our long experience in industry semi-finished manufacturing and product refinement.

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Air Group’s professionals produce steel clippings of various strengths according to your needs, from individual pieces to large series. On special agreement we also offer very large series of thousands of pieces to our customers in various branches. You are very welcome to come and see how our fibre laser cuts!


We manufacture various refined products according to your wishes, with the help of our expertise in metal pressing as well as MIG, MAG and TIG welding. We constantly upgrade our machines to the most efficient and precise devices on the market. Let us know what your need is, we will fulfil it!


We specialise in system deliveries, refining sheet metal to complete products for our customers in industries such as machine building, air conditioning and the electric industry. We are able to serve quickly also those customers who require series of hundreds our thousands of products. We warmly welcome you to join our long-standing and satisfied customers! 


Air Group’s air conditioning expertise and products, as well as design and manufacture of marine products, are known in Finland as well as internationally: for example in Germany, France and Russia, to name just a few. We design and contract manufacture high-quality products according to the customer’s wishes, or in cooperation with the customer. HVAC numbers, type approvals and IP codes are obtained when needed. We provide all the necessary product documentation to facilitate our customers’ activities with designers and developers.
Our selection also includes insulating products and other demanding sheet metal items. As a novelty, we offer you easy-to-use, insulated and noninsulated inspection doors for air conditioning. They come with M1 purity ratings and IP code type approvals. Among our specialities is the high-quality puddling of products.

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  • Terminals
  • Dispersers
  • Low-Speed devices
  • External louvres
  • Exhaust blown diffusers
  • Incoming, outgoing and transfer air grilles
  • Duct products
  • Duct dampers
  • Lamella dampers
  • Special duct components
  • Component manufacture and assembly of air conditioning machines
  • Air conditioning shutters
  • Marine products
  • Special products

Air Group – 20 years on behalf of
air conditioning and sheet metal

Air Group Ltd is a 100 percent Finnish company that specialises in the air conditioning and sheet metal business. The company has been serving its customers with its extensive professional expertise since 1997. Many of our customers have developed side by side with Air Group for 20 years. Air Group’s offering includes the design and manufacture of air conditioning and noise control products, air conditioning expertise in construction and marine industries, as well as extensive machine assemblies and sheet metal product assortment. Air Group designs and manufactures both customised special products and series of thousands of batches as a contract manufacturer for wholesalers, the electrical industry and for the customers in machinery, construction and food industries, for example.

We look forward to welcoming you as our customer – let us bend to your wishes!



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